How it Works

Why a Group Retirement Plan?

Businesses now more than ever are looking for ways to keep good employees and reward them for their hard work and service to the company. Group Retirement plans are a way to show your employees that you care and are invested in their future. It creates incentive, loyalty, and a commitment by you to their Financial well being.

One of the best things about starting a Group Retirement Plan is that there is no cost to you the Employer and we make it  easy to set up and administer.

Employer Benefits

  • You decide who is eligible to join the plan and when.
  • You decide how much you would like to contribute / match to the plan
  • You can use contributions to the plan as Tax Deductions
  • You have access to our team members and support staff regarding ANYTHING financially related to the plan
  • You get access to leading money managers and competitive fee’s for your employees

Member Benefits

  • Comprehensive Employee Service Plan (CESP) This includes: Member enrollments, education sessions, financial planning, tax planning, retirement planning and investment advice
  • Member inquiries have a response time goal of 2 hours and a 24-hour guarantee
  • Dedicated Support Staff for member service
  • Team of Independent Financial Advisors at your employee’s disposal with over 50 years of experience for any financially related questions.

Your Employee’s Matter TO US

At Connect Wealth, your employee’s are not just a number.
Through Connect Wealth proprietary CESP program, each employee is GUARANTEED to get the same level of service.