The Process


Connect Wealth provides organizations with customized solutions that increase the competitiveness of an organization through improved plan management and enhanced member satisfaction.


We complete an in-depth analysis of your current group retirement plan, focusing on three key areas – investment, Capital Accumulation Plan guideline compliance and cost management

We analyze the current investment structure and options within your plan.

We analyze the current plan to ensure it meets CAP guidelines.

*Capital Accumulation Plan

We analyze the administration and management fees of your current plan in comparison to industry benchmarks and offerings.



Based on our knowledge of your organization and its members, we create a customized, comprehensive strategy on how to best structure your retirement plan to improve organizational cost management and increase member satisfaction and retention. We make it easy for your members to choose an appropriate portfolio and make wise financial choices for their future.


Once a new plan is chosen, we help your team manage changes to the plan to minimize risk and maximize the long-term results of your retirement strategy.


We believe the most effective investment portfolios are those that conform to the unique needs of the members. That’s why we customize investment portfolios according to the demographics of your members and when needed, tailor the investment mix for each individual member.

We believe it is important for your members to see what investments are held in their portfolios.


Through due diligence, we identify the lowest rate possible for costs associated with administration of the plan and legislative requirements without compromising the effectiveness of the plan.

We ensure that Capital Accumulation Plan (CAP) rules and regulations are followed, up-to-date for your plan and kept on file.


We work to maximize the effectiveness of your retirement plan by providing ongoing analysis and proactive plan management in the form of the following:


We present alternatives and recommendations regarding legislative changes, CAP solutions, cost management and other possible issues to your review committee based on our analysis and provide reasons for the recommended changes.

We regularly monitor investments to ensure prudent management of assets, recommend adjustments as needed and implement approved changes.


Members can access our team of advisors to discuss their unique situation. We always do our best to resolve an issue the same day it is received.

Through seminars, online resources, investment projections and online portfolio access, we ensure members understand their plan in preparing for their future.